Landscape Design

Xscapes Landscaping team members are well-educated about the plants that are native/naturalized to our geographical region. We understand their soil, light and climate requirements and know what kind of wildlife or other plants may threaten their survival. We plan out bloom time schedules to have a full range of seasonal interest. This expertise enables us to create plans for a variety of landscapes that reflect your vision, whether it be it a themed garden, a formal flower bed, a privacy hedge, or a naturally planted outdoor living area. Our designers will follow your lead to propose solutions that meet your goals.

Landscape Makeover

A lot of clients have great plants.  They just weren’t installed with a forecasted plan (and the results are a lot of very healthy and beautiful plants crammed in a bed or pruned incorrectly).  More often these plants just out grow their designated area.  Residential rejuvenations or makeover projects entail a complete overhaul including careful and gentle removal of the desired “keepers”, corrective pruning, reshaping beds and lawns with some new plant installations. This method allows us to recycle/reuse plant material giving considerable savings right back to the client